Signs You Need Roof Repair Service in Newcastle

roof repair service newcastleAre you concerned you may need to schedule roof repair service for your home in Newcastle? Knowing when to contact a roofing contractor can be tricky, especially when damage to your roof isn’t easy to spot. Fortunately, there are a few indicators you can look for that can help you determine when roof leak repair is necessary. 

Water Stains

The appearance of water stains on your ceiling or walls is a clear sign there’s something wrong. This probably means you have a leak somewhere in your home. Your best option is to hire a roof repair professional to assess the issue as soon as possible. Waiting will only cause further damage.

Peeling Paint

Another indicator that roof repair may be necessary is the presence  of paint peeling, discoloring or blistering. These problems often indicate there’s moisture somewhere in your walls. To prevent further damage, talk to a residential roofing professional right away.

Algae or Moss

Algae or moss growing on your roof is another sign of trouble. This type of growth indicates water retention, which is probably the result of a leak. Have this looked at and removed quickly to avoid expensive roof repair.

Need Professional Roof Repair Service in Newcastle?

If you’ve experienced any of these signs, it’s important to speak with a professional as soon as possible. You can count on the highly trained and experienced specialists at Blue Star Roofing to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our team is known for delivering top-notch results on every job, large or small. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment we need to provide a wide variety of services, including inspections, roof installations and roofing certification. We also offer superior commercial roofing services. 

Roof Repair Service Experts in Newcastle

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Posted on October 26, 2020 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business